Quality prediction

Prediction of quality aspect of intermittent microwave convective dried foods

Several factors including quality of raw materials, chemical and structural composition, preparation method and drying conditions, affects the quality of dried fruits. As many problems associated with microwave and convective drying such as rapid color change, significant loss of nutrients, structure collapse, it is critical to interpreting the impact of osmotic and heat treatment on complex types of food like fruits in order to overcome the problems associated with microwave-convective drying. Intermittent microwave-convective drying (IMWC) is a modern food processing technology that produces dehydrated products by the use of controlled microwave heating and hot air during the drying process. This emerging area of drying research shows that intermittent microwave-convective drying increases both energy efficiency and physical quality of the product. However, research up to now has not yet examined the effect of IMWC drying on the physical and nutrient characteristic of food products. It is hypothesized that this combination might be able to promote the physical and nutritional quality of the dried products compared to conventional drying methods by enhancing the physical state, reducing color change and slowing down the degradation reaction rate of nutritional components. The dried product qualities will significantly be influenced by the applied variables used in the hybrid drying process.


This research, therefore, aims to find relationships between IMWC drying process with product quality, thus, to improve the performance intermittent microwave-convective drying by developing mechanistic models of the drying mechanism to establish the relationship between physical and nutrient qualities of dried foods and heat and mass transfer during the processing period. This study would provide a significant contribution to knowledge in the field of fruit drying for the following reasons:
• Provide in-depth understanding and the impact of drying conditions on dried fruit quality, internal changes of fruit properties that affect its stability under external factors.
• Provide new information on microwave and convective heating affect structure and chemicals of fruit during drying. The correlation between nutrients and other physical attributes of dried food will enhance the knowledge of product quality
• This research will help to establish a strategy of controlling process parameter based on heat and mass transfer simulation chemical kinetic modeling in yielding the best outcome. It will help to bridge the gap between research and industry application.

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